About DXO Communications, Inc. – Leading Mail Services Provider in WNY

Are you looking to reduce cost on your mail services?

Well, you’re in luck and we’re only a click or call away to get you started on your way to saving huge money on all of your companies mail services. Nobody knows mail services like DXO. Just ask our existing customers and see what they have to say. DXO Communications, Inc. has state-of-the-art mail processing locations in both Buffalo and Rochester, NY and is trusted by thousands of the world’s largest companies such as Geico Direct, The City of Lockport, and tons more satisfied customers who are now reaping the rewards DXO has to offer.

Unlike most mail companies DXO provides a plethora of mail services, all of which are custom tailored to fit your particular needs and/or budget requirements.

By making the switch to DXO it will provide you with full access to discounted Bound Printed Matter rates which are usually out of reach for average mailers. You’ll also have access to reduced rates on all other mailing services that we offer. We’re able to help customers reduce all of their mail cost by up to 20% by simply leveraging our relationships, equipment, and experience in the industry.

Start saving money today and give us a ring and ask us about our rates. We can also help you with tracking your package and have varieties of expert packing services and shipping options to supply you with.

Mail services you can trust and afford. Contact one of our representatives for a Free Quote today and get on your way to maximizing profits and reducing overhead.

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