Fix My Mail by DXO Communications, Inc.

There is nothing worse than preparing a mailing and transporting it to the post office only to be told that it’s been done wrong! If you didn’t already know, the post office doesn’t make many exceptions for improperly prepared mail and that’s why our mail repair service is so important to you. DXO Communications has extensive knowledge in Fixing and formatting mail so you don’t have to.

Our job is to save all of our customers money on all mailing needs regardless of the quantity or frequency of the mailings. Whether it be parcels or flats, we’ve got you covered and are sure to save you money. Just ask the thousands of customers who are currently benefiting from our knowledge and experience in the industry. Simply put, nobody knows mail like DXO Communications, Inc..

Fix My Mail by DXO Communications

At DXO we can economically rescue your mail from the post office, make the needed repairs, and re-enter it for you. The bottom line is, we save you time and money. No need for you to transport your mail back to your U.S or Canadian facility, which increases your transportation cost and delays your important campaign from getting to its destination. Mail is important business when it comes to getting your message or products out and to their proper destination on time and every time. Let the experts at DXO start saving you the money that you’re entitled to and without all of the headaches involved dealing directly with USPS.

Fix My Mail Features

  • Corrections for sortation issues
  • Rework for palletization problems
  • Inkjet corrections for indicia and return address
  • Label adjustments for Standard Flats
  • Tabbing service for self-mailers
  • High-speed re-sorting with new document generation
  • Documentation correction
  • Pick-up and delivery service

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Dan Bailey
Last modified: July 14, 2018