Reach the World International Mail

International Mail
Why pay the published rates for international mail? The U.S. Postal Service has given us a discounted rate structure because we ship large volumes of foreign mail. Our discounts are up to 20% off the published rates! If you’ve got regular or project mailings for international destinations DXO Communications is the answer for lowering your cost without slowing down the mail


  • Up to 20% discount off the published post office rates
  • Same day pick up and drop service
  • Guidance on postal regulations for international mail
  • Customs form generation
  • We apply the postage
  • Mailings of all sizes are eligible

With DXO Communications at your side you will see that shipping internationally is easier than you might think. Both our online and offline process will help you step by step to create your shipment and generate any customs documents you may need as you go. To avoid delays, make sure to be extremely accurate when it comes to providing contact information, descriptions of goods, and value of goods.

Dan Bailey
Last modified: July 14, 2018