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Our knowledge and expertise in the mailing and print advertising industry are one of the many things that make us the #1 choice from Rochester, NY to Southern Ontario when it comes to reducing the cost of all mail related services. 

DXO Communications - WNY Mail Services “The postal leadership and expertise that Dan Bailey and his team can provide to any mail project is invaluable to our company and saves us tons of money annually. DXO is by far the best mail company in WNY.”

Ralph J. Salerno-Keller Bros. & Miller, Inc.



DXO Communications is a leading mail services provider located in Buffalo & Rochester, NY providing a wide range of presort and lettershop services to clients inside Western New York and beyond. The value that we provide to ‘all clients’ is found in our deep expertise and affordable prices. Our knowledge is what gives our clients the advantage. We deal with all facets of U.S. and foreign mail. Our reliability to get the work done on and time-every time is why thousands trust DXO as their mailing partner.

Our relationship with the U.S. Postal Service allows us to stay on the leading edge of postal changes and enhancement to postal services that impact our clients. The customer loyalty we enjoy is a natural result of our customer-focused approach and the drive to move every piece of mail from our facility into the postal stream every day.

DXO Communications has been in existence for more than 25 years serving Buffalo, NY and beyond. Conveniently located in Buffalo and Rochester, NY. DXO Communications, Inc. was started by David Bourne and Herb Baker in the late 1980’s. These two postal experts have mail processing experience that reaches back into the early 1970’s. They have grown the business to include two locations and a customer base to hundreds of active customers for both presort and lettershop services. DXO is a top direct mail company that you can count on when it comes to spreading a message on a dime and within budget.

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Start saving up to 20% off USPS prices by switching to DXO Communications!

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Last modified: May 13, 2019