Lettershop Services

The unique and highly affordable lettershop Services provided DXO Communications, Inc of Buffalo are geared towards automating all aspects of direct mail preparation and distribution. The array of the leading and most advanced lettershop equipment that we’ve assembled over the years makes executing a direct mail advertising / marketing program efficient and inexpensive. Our experience with postal mail over the past 25 years helps insure that we avoid many of the common mistakes other lettershops make that lead to rejected mail or higher postage costs. This means more money out of your pocket and less efficient campaigns.

DXO Lettershop Features

  • A wide array of folders, inserters, tabbing and inkjet equipment to handle mail in any configuration
  • Two facilities that insure complete redundancy of equipment and expertise
  • A direct line of communication with the U.S. Postal Service
  • A history of excellent mail that is not rejected by the U.S. Postal Service
  • Data processing and U.S. Postal Service address hygiene services including Merge/Purge/NCOA, CASS and PAVE, address standardization and data re-formatting.
  • Print capabilities for any project

Planning the perfect inbound marketing strategy has never been easier and more affordable when using DXO as your mail partner. Contact our team at DXO today and see how we can help spread your message quickly and affordably with direct mail marketing campaigns custom tailored to fit your budget and reach your specified target audience.

DXO Lettershop Services - Direct Mail Marketing

Need pricing?

Call 716.685.4395 today for a hassle FREE estimate. We can assure you that our direct mail / lettershop rates as well as the quality of services DXO provides cannot be matched by any others in the industry.

Dan Bailey
Last modified: July 14, 2018