Retail Mail Traffic Machine

Retail Mail
We do the work so you don’t have to. Buffalo’s largest direct mail marketing company.

The DXO Retail Mail Traffic Machine is designed to get your message into the homes and businesses in your target area. This 100% saturation direct mail channel insures that your message gets into the mailbox of everyone in your target area! And when in gets there the open-and-read-rate is 100%-every time. We offer tier-based pricing based on how frequently you mail, and the size of your campaign is completely scalable to meet your needs and budget.

Retail Mail Traffic Machine Features

  • 100% Saturation in your target area
  • Target homes or businesses, or both
  • Our proven format insures lower costs
  • High-frequency mailers get free digital advertising
  • Pricing includes set up, print, preparation and postage
  • We do the work so you don’t have to deal with printers or the post office
  • The return on investment is measurable
  • We provide direct marketing advice to make your mailing more effective
Dan Bailey
Last modified: July 14, 2018