Summer Time Means New Stamps!

Everyone loves new stamps. Wouldn’t you agree?

This summer like most all others the Postal Service is releasing new stamps that represent things from cultural icons, pets, and nature. These stamps relate to summer through teachers, ice cream, road trips, our pets, and of course…the snowy winter months. Let’s not think about snow just yet. Right now it’s time to enjoy your summer and take advantage of sending or collecting the cool new summer stamps offered by the United States Postal Service.

Check out some of the new stamps below and ‘pick your flavor’ for all of your mailings:

Ice Cream Stamps

Ice Cream Stamp

Jaime Escalante Stamp

Jaime Escalante Stamp - 2016 Stamps

Classic Truck Stamps

Classic Truck Stamps - New Stamps

Pet and Animal Stamps

New Pet Stamps and Animal Stamps

Bird Stamps

Bird Stamps - New Stamps in 2016

Read more about the new USPS summer stamps here

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