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large_article_im2497_USPSThe Leading Direct Mail Marketing Agency Located In Buffalo, NY. DXO provides presort mail services, printing services, and direct mail marketing to clients all over Western New York and beyond. The value provided by DXO is found in our deep expertise with all facets of U.S. and foreign mail, and in our reliability to get the work done on time-every time. Call (716) 685-4395 for more info…

Get Ready For Real Mail Notification From USPS!

This new service will allow you to see what is in your mailbox at 8 a.m. in the morning. An image of each mailpiece will be emailed to you for viewing and in some cases, responding to the offers on those mailpieces. Tests in Norther Virginia and New York City have gone extremely well and the service is very popular with consumers. As a mailer you can opt into direct response programs that link the image to their website so consumers can just ‘click’ to take action on the offer. The United States Postal Service has essentially accelerated what they call ‘The Mail Moment’, which used to only happen when you opened your mailbox. Now that moment occurs when you open your email.

DXO Communications is ready to be part of this revolutionary service because it brings greater significance to mail. And DXO is all about mail! Letters, Flats, Parcels and so much more.

Visit our website at www.dxocom.com to see the services we offer that give our clients the edge.

For more information contact:

Dan Bailey
DXO Communications of Buffalo
2345 Walden Ave Ste 400
Buffalo NY 14225
716-400-6006 cel
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