Postage Meters are Expensive

postage-meterIf you have a postage meter you know how expensive they are.  Monthly and annual contract fees can run into the hundreds and thousands of dollars.  Ink, tape and maintenance agreements are very costly.  Many businesses have postage meters to make mailing easier and more convenient, but they don’t always know the true cost of having one.  In most cases people who don’t understand postal rules and regulations use their meters incorrectly.  As a result they either underpay or overpay the postage.

Either way they lose.  Underpaid mail is returned for more postage while overpaid mail sails through the postal system at an unnecessarily high cost.  Adding up all of the costs is a good exercise for anyone paying for a meter.

DXO Communications offers metering services for mailers who want to escape all of those costs.  We provide daily or project services at a low cost.

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