Reasons why small businesses need direct mail to survive.

Small and medium scale businesses are the pillars to world’s economy, I am sure you would agree to that. They hang onto the world like atlas bearing long hours and even longer days. Without them, economies and civilizations wound not survive, if we lose them, world’s economy would crash and things would get ugly.
Okay, may I got carried away with it but you can’t ignore the importance of small businesses. I really want all the small businesses to be successful. Which is why, I wanted to share these reasons, which state the absolute importance of direct mail for them:

1. Existing clients matter:

You may think, well I didn’t know that existing clients matter in every size of business. I would fight for the fact that when you own a small business, your existing clients can decide your fate forward. You can’t always get new clients, this is a game mastered by giants like Microsoft. In case you didn’t know, acquiring new clients would take a lot of efforts and resources because your marketing would be on a small scale.

Which is why keeping your existing clients can help your small business cut through the clutter and become successful, this is where direct mail comes into the picture.

2. Consistency is your breakthrough

We have stats that show that a prospect might need to be touched about 7 to 13 times before he/she is able to remember your company. I didn’t say sale, this was just to let them know that you exist, if you plan on turning them into your clients, simply sending newsletters and blog post once a year wouldn’t do.

You would need to be highly consistent, this is what it takes to keep them engaged and develop new ones. Using direct mail ensure this consistency for your business, there is not better option than sending a newsletter on a monthly basis. I would definitely recommend sending a print one, which can be touched and felt.

3. Direct mail creates a relationship

The biggest factor to why I support direct mail is the impact it creates on receiver’s brain. Even UK’s Royal mail has confirmed, tangible materials leave a deeper impact on the brain. This means, whenever you send a print to your clients, they get attached to your brand emotionally.

You can put it this way, whenever your customers receive something that is tangible, they get the feeling that you haven’t forgotten them and they become more loyal to your brand. Digital media and email just can’t deliver that sort of emotional texture, you too get a ton of emails on a regular basis, do they make any impacts?

4. Stand out against the competition:

We know better than anyone out there that today’s fierce competition can be a real obstacle in the way of your marketing efforts. You shouldn’t waste all of your time on what your competitors are doing but investing a bit of it may save you from big troubles. Here is your chance if they are not sending direct mails to clients, you can use this as an advantage to dominate them.

Most clients are sick of pushy sales pitches and salesmen, standing right outside their doors. If you send them a postcard with a killer design, wouldn’t it win their hearts? You can reach with a creative lumpy mailer to grab their attention and snatch the advantage within. If you place in an enticing offer with it, this will simply lead to straight sale.
You may end up winning few clients from your competitors with a jaw dropping print piece delivered at the right time.

These reasons should be enough to motivate you, if you have any questions about the prices, delivery etc, feel free to give us a call at (716) 685-4395.