Increase Allowed In Postage Weight

The USPS has announced a proposal to increase the allowed postage weight of a mailpiece!

Who isn’t sick of paying high prices for postage? I’m pretty sure we can all relate to the unreasonably priced postage rates set forth by USPS. At DXO Communications our goal is to save customers money on all mail services- regardless of the size, weight, and quantity of postage and parcels.

If you are presorting your letter mail, you will be in favor of the proposal by USPS to increase the allowed postage weight of any mailpiece. The new USPS proposal proposes that any letter that’s one ounce all the way up to three ounces for the same price as the one-ounce rate. If the proposal for an increase in allowable weight is enacted, mailers using DXO Communications presort services will save up to $0.25 per letter! That is a huge savings compared to current rates that charge you for each additional ounce! DXO Communications is the presort mail company in Rochester and Buffalo NY that can help you get the best savings out there, and stretch your dollar the longest when it comes to mailing letters and parcels. Find out more about USPS pricing and postage weight here

A proposed increase in allowed postage weight means more savings for DXO customers!

allowed postage weight increase

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