Saving You Money on Postage

A multitude of shipping services all incorporated into one.

At DXO Communications it is our top priority to make your mailing needs, our greatest importance.  Since we are partnered with the United States Postal Service, we can take your business shipping needs to the next level, by saving you time and money.


We know time is money, skip the line at the Post Office, let DXO handle your shipping needs.

If you are currently using flats and/or letters at full rates you are already qualified for our discounted postage program.  We have state-of-the-art letter and flat sorting equipment, turning full rate flats and letters into presorted mail and share the savings on postage with you, our clients.  We offer both Standard and First-Class Mail, which is then fleetly processed and entered at your local post office.  This is our way of helping our clients save on postage every day, with our Presort For Savings feature.  We come and pick up your mail, process it in our secured facilities; meaning everyone who touches your mail is a DXO employee – no out-sourcing.  mail company


So, if your business sends daily mailings, letters of correspondence, monthly/weekly invoices and billings, or if you have a special project coming up; please don’t hesitate to give us a call!  Our clients usually save 23 cents on 2-ounce letters.  Imagine how much your company could save!  Call 716.685.4395 or Visit today for a hassle FREE estimate. We can assure you that our direct mail / lettershop rates as well as the quality of services DXO provides cannot be matched by any others in the industry.