Avoid Over-mailing: Define Districts Clearly.

Be aware of district boundaries when sending mail in bulk to avoid over-mailing and wasting money.

Take a look at your local school district map. Notice how half of a street may be within the district, while the other half is not. Do you realize how districts are rarely a clearly defined area? Work with a company who is aware of these district boundaries when designing a direct mail campaign.

Direct mailings are an important aspect of a campaign. Campaign officials must use accurate district boundaries instead of targeting a vague geographical area in order to reach voters. When voters are properly targeted, the campaign saves money.

Campaign literature must command attention. A flyer or postcard will appeal to its audience on three levels:

  1. Immediately – Grabs Attention Instantly
  2. Memorable – Something sticks in a person’s memory
  3. Fully Engaging – A person reads the entire piece and agrees with the content

Effort, money, and time are put into creating these direct mailings. In some cases, the only money spent during a campaign will be for direct mailings. It is important to get the most out of that cost.

When over-mailing happens, a lot of direct mail pieces are sent to people who can’t participate in the election, or who don’t care about the content. Establish proper district boundaries. Reach your intended audience without wasting money.

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